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Real Time Vehicle GPS Tracking

Track Yo Ride offers you quality, Real-Time vehicle GPS tracking devices. We use state of the art technology in all of our GPS tracking systems. Our Devices include the following user features:


Within seconds Disable the Vehicle's Ignition From your Phone or Computer, making it come to a stop where it is. With GPS Tracking devices from Track Yo Ride You stay in control 24-7. Seconds Matter!


Locate vehicle 24-7 with Real-Time GPS Tracking, as easy as loging in to your account and click locate, within seconds know the exact location, speed, and direction of your vehicle Anytime Day or Night.

Locate Vehicle, Enable/Disable Vehicle Ignition, all from your Cell Phone with trakSMS® and Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices from Track Yo Ride 

In the Event your Vehicle is ever stolen, we can know instantly where the vehicle is and work with local Law Enforcement or your own recovery crew to aide in the recovery process

Schedule Events to notify you such as Arrival and Departure Notifications or Specific times of the day and you will know instantly where your vehicle is at that moment.

Set Zones around known driving locations, such as Repair Shops, Work, School or Home  when vehicle enters or leaves location it will notify you instantly based on your settings

Unlock the vehicle doors with your Computer or Smart Phone, optional on most devices and requires an extra relay. This is perfect for the times you lock your key's in th car.

Track Yo Ride offers Install Cards that are good for the professional installation of any of our GPS Tracking devices or Alarm/Remote Start systems. Can be used virtually anywhere Electronics are Installed

With GPS Tracking You can Disable your vehicles Starter to eliminate unwanted driving, like when it is in storage, or while you are at work, then enable it when it is time to drive. Stay in control 24-7

Many Different User Programmable Alerts to keep you informed about the safety of your vehicle 24-7  With Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices From Track Yo Ride

Accidents happen and cars break down. Have peace of mind knowing you will never be stranded or broke down. We offer Towing, Tire Change, Fueling, and many other roadside assistance services


    - 1, 2, or 5 minute updates (Optional)
    - Seven Day No-Movement Alert
    - Sub-Account Management
    - Multiple Search Criteria Options
    - Multiple Levels of User Security
    - Trak Transfer
    - Quick Map-It Views
    - Outstanding Alert Notification
    - Last Known Location Displayed
    - Unlimited History Retention
    - Quick View 90-Day History
    - Microsoft Virtual Earth & Bing Mapping                                                                                                                                                              - U.S., Mexico and Canada Mapping
    - Road, Aerial and Bird’s eye Mapping Views
    - OBD II Harness (Optional)
    - Warning Buzzer (Optional)
    - Battery Back-up (Optional)
    - Low Battery Voltage Notification (With Battery Back-up)
    - Much More!!

Call Now, Let Track Yo Ride put You Back in Control of your vehicle 24-7 with Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices! Toll Free (855) TRACK-GPS

What is GPS Tracking? The Global Positioning System (GPS) was developed by the Department of Defense and consists of a group of 24 satellites which are monitored by five ground stations. It essentially allows you to pinpoint your location anywhere on the surface of the Earth, even in cloudy weather, with the use of a GPS Tracking receiver. The GPS Tracking receiver is a navigational device that uses these satellites as reference points to calculate your position on the ground. It does this by triangulating your position between at least 3 satellites. The GPS Tracking receiver uses the time it takes the coded radio signal to get from the satellite to the receiver to calculate the distance it is from that satellite. So, by accurately measuring the distance from the ground to these GPS Tracking satellites, it can triangulate your position.

Real-Time GPS Tracking consists of 3 basic parts:

1. Control
The control part is the central part of GPS Tracking. This is where the GPS Tracking satellites are monitored and adjustments (atmospheric corrections, timing corrections, etc.) are made. There are 5 stations located worldwide and each GPS Tracking satellite passes over a monitoring station twice a day.

2. Space
The space part is the Navigation Satellite Timing And Ranging (NAVSTAR) group of satellites that bradcast the GPS Tracking signals. There are 24 GPS Tracking satellites orbiting at about 20,200km above the Earth. They each make one revolution approximately every 12 hours.

3. User
Consists of a user and a GPS Tracking receiver. The possible applications of Real-Time GPS Tracking are limitless, and Track Yo Ride has a GPS device for any need.

Satellite Ranging

Real-Time GPS tracking is based on satellite ranging. This technique of measurement is based on timing how long it takes a radio signal to travel from the satellite to the GPS Tracking receiver and then using this time to calculate the distance. There are basically two factors involved. The speed of the radio signal (approximately 300,000km/s) and the time it takes for the signal to reach Earth. The timing is the critical part and requires the use of a very accurate clock, and to facilitate this the satellites do have atomic clocks on board. "Because if the timing is off just a thousandth of a second, at the speed of light, that translates to almost 200 miles of error" (Trimble).


Trilateration refers to the geometric approach to measuring the distance from at least three satellites to determine a position on the surface of the Earth. Basically, the radio waves transmitted from the satellites radiate out in a spherical pattern at the speed of light. Since trigonometry requires three perfect measurements to determine a position in three-dimensional space, the position where these signals intersect with the surface of the Earth and bisect each other (position P on diagram) determines your position on the surface. In three-dimensional space this actually narrows it down to two positions, however one of those positions will generally be rejected mathematically by the receiver as being either too far out in space or moving at an impossible velocity.
This is all assuming that the measurements are perfect, which they are not. Measurements based on only three satellites are not as accurate as using 4 or more satellites. This is mainly due to timing offsets from the non-syncronization of the clocks in GPS Tracking satellites and the GPS Tracking receiver. All of the Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking devices used by Track Yo Ride will always locate with 5 or more satellites.

Calculating Distance

In order to determine the distance the receiver is from the satellite, the receiver basically calculates the time it takes for the signal to travel an x amount of distance at the speed of light (approximately 300,000km/s). Which is the familiar velocity times time problem. Three satellite positions can get you a position in three dimensional space (x,y,z), however due to the nature of the GPS signal transmitted by the GPS satellites the precision may be degraded due to timing offsets. The satellite transmits a coded signal at a specific timing interval using a very accurate clock to time the transmissions (atomic clock). The receiver transmits the same signal at the same timing interval, however the receiver's clock is much less accurate (quartz clock). To compensate for this signal timing offset a fourth satellite is used to calculate a fourth variable, time (x,y,z,t). Even atomic clocks cannot be perfectly syncronized, however the use of four imperfect measurements does help to eliminate the timing offsets.


A number of sources of error can occur that will affect the accuracy of your measurements.
Obstructions: Generally Vehicle GPS Tracking signals are much better in an open field than they are in the trees, next to a building, or in a canyon. This is due to the signal being reflected off the surface of the object and bouncing around several times before it gets to your receiver. This is called multipath error and the result is an increase in the length of the signal which can degrade the accuracy of the measurement.
Atmospheric Delay: Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking signals can also bounce around in the ionosphere and troposphere, which can consequently alter the length of the signal and thus the time it takes to reach the surface. This will also change the location of the GPS position being measured.
Selective Availability: This is the intentional scrambling of the signal to degrade the accuracy. The Department of Defense turned selective availability off in May 2000, but it can be turned back on at any time.

Differential GPS

Differential GPS (DGPS) utilizes two GPS Tracking receivers, one stationary (base station) and one mobile (rover), both tracking the same GPS signals. The base station, used as a reference point, determines what errors the satellite data contains and this data is used to correct the data received by the mobile receivers. The correction can either be applied in real-time or processed later by downloading the correction files from the base station receiver; this is called post-processing. The main reason behind all this is to eliminate some of the errors like multipath that the mobile unit might receive.
Another form of DGPS which is both ground based and satellite based is WAAS.
Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)
The Wide Area Augmentation System, or WAAS for short, consists of both satellites and ground based stations that supply correction information for your GPS receiver. This correction information can provide an improvement in positional accuracy of up to five times greater. It corrects for GPS Tracking signal errors caused by atmospheric disturbances, timing, and other errors. WAAS was developed by the FAA in order to help increase the accuracy of precision flight approaches. The corrected information is broadcast through two geostationary satellites that are located at a fixed location over the equator.

No matter what your GPS tracking need, we've got you covered, with Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking devices from Track Yo Ride. Call Toll Free (855) TRACK-GPS


"Track Yo Ride has made GPS Tracking the best part about my Car. I Know where my Car is 24-7 even if my Girlfriend or one of my hommies are driving. The best part is no one but me know it is on there, i can easily see where my girlfriend drives and how long she is there, so if she is lying to me, I know right away. If one of my Hommies is driving and trying to show off for someone or speeding too fast, my GPS Tracking device notifies me instantly of a speed violation. I feel much better knowing that if  someone tries to steal my car and my alarm goes off, I am notified right away on my Smart phone of the alarm violation, not like alarms I have had in the past where there is a half mile or so range, I can get notifications while I am out of town Hundreds of miles away and can start my car from that distance as well. GPS Tracking and The Smart Start System have been the best investment I could have Made. Thank you Track Yo Ride."

Darrel 86 Monte Carlo, CA

"I have several nice cars that I have worked Hard to own. I want to feel Comfortable Knowing that if one of my vehicle's is ever stolen that I can recover it myself and I don't have to involve the police. We just don't get along too well. I had Track Yo Ride install Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices on all my vehicles so in the even anything like that does happen I am Guaranteed to know where my vehicle is. I also have 2 teenage kid's, so now with GPS Tracking devices from Track Yo Ride, I am able to see everwhere they go and if they are driving safe or not. I am able to set zones aroung the school, so if one of them leaves early I am notified on my phone and email right away, same with if they speed too fast, I am notified right away. When I took my son's car away while on punishment for grades, I was able to set the alarm from my phone, making it so he could not get in and the car stayed at home even while I was at work. I feel like I have full control of all my vehicles like never before. Thanks again Track Yo Ride for all your help."

Shawn , Nashville, TN
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