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Remote Vehicle Control

At Track Yo Ride, We know how important it is for you to have some level of control over your vehicle.

Start Vehicle with yourSmart Phone from virtually anywhere with a Smart Start & Remote Start System from DEI  

Lock/Unlock Vehicle doors and Arm/Disarm Alarm With a Smart Start & Alarm/Keyless Entry System. Rest easy knowing from any distance whether your car is locked and if an alarm is triggered, All from your Smart Phone

Receive Instant Alerts via Text for Alarm Violations, Speed Alerts, and Unauthorized Vehicle Movements

View Real-Time Speed Data and Set Alerts to Notify you via Text if a Speed Limit has Been Violated, With GPS Tracking from Track Yo Ride, You stay in control 24-7

With a Smart Start & Remote Start/Alarm Combo and a few extra parts, we can make the vehicle's key useless, until you start the vehicle and disarm the Alarm from your Smart Phone. Prevents Unwanted Driving.

Blood/Alcohol Results from an in car Breathalyzer test are sent to an app on your Smart Phone for approval before vehicle can be started

A Device that will Disable the vehicle starter until the seatbelt is engaged

Track Yo Ride offers Install Cards that are good for the professional installation of any of our GPS Tracking devices or Alarm/Remote Start systems. Can be used virtually anywhere Electronics are Installed

Python Smart Start with Real-Time GPS Tracking capabilities to Start, lock/unlock, arm/disarm, receive text alerts, and track the vehicle with your smart phone 

Accidents happen and cars break down.Have peace of mind knowing your teenager will never be stranded or broke down. We offer Towing, Tire Change, Fueling and many other roadside assistance services



Call Now, Let Track Yo Ride put You Back in Control with 24-7 Vehicle Control and Theft Protection!

Toll Free (855) TRACK-GPS



"Track Yo Ride has made GPS Tracking the best part about my Car. I Know where my Car is 24-7 even if my Girlfriend or one of my hommies are driving. The best part is no one but me know it is on there, i can easily see where my girlfriend drives and how long she is there, so if she is lying to me, I know right away. If one of my Hommies is driving and trying to show off for someone or speeding too fast, my GPS Tracking device notifies me instantly of a speed violation. I feel much better knowing that if  someone tries to steal my car and my alarm goes off, I am notified right away on my Smart phone of the alarm violation, not like alarms I have had in the past where there is a half mile or so range, I can get notifications while I am out of town Hundreds of miles away and can start my car from that distance as well. GPS Tracking and The Smart Start System have been the best investment I could have Made. Thank you Track Yo Ride."

Darrel 86 Monte Carlo, CA

"I have several nice cars that I have worked Hard to own. I want to feel Comfortable Knowing that if one of my vehicle's is ever stolen that I can recover it myself and I don't have to involve the police. We just don't get along too well. I had Track Yo Ride install Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices on all my vehicles so in the even anything like that does happen I am Guaranteed to know where my vehicle is. I also have 2 teenage kid's, so now with GPS Tracking devices from Track Yo Ride, I am able to see everwhere they go and if they are driving safe or not. I am able to set zones aroung the school, so if one of them leaves early I am notified on my phone and email right away, same with if they speed too fast, I am notified right away. When I took my son's car away while on punishment for grades, I was able to set the alarm from my phone, making it so he could not get in and the car stayed at home even while I was at work. I feel like I have full control of all my vehicles like never before. Thanks again Track Yo Ride for all your help."

Shawn , Nashville, TN

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