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Questions & Answers

Q: With a Real-Time GPS Tracking Device Will I be able to monitor where my daughter's car goes even while I am at work or asleep?
A: Yes, you can set the Real-Time GPS Tracking Device to track whenever you need it to, and with GEO-Fence Technology you can know anytime they enter or leave preset places like home or school

Q: So with Real-Time GPS Tracking, I can see where my Son is and How fast he is driving? Also is this something that I have to take in and out of the vehicle?
A: With GPS Tracking Devices from Track Yo Ride you will have full access 24-7 to the exact speed and location of the vehicle. Being Real-Time Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices, they do not need to come in and out of the vehicle, and you do not have to plug it in to a computer to use it, just log in and view real-time data about the vehicle anytime.

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"Track Yo Ride has made GPS Tracking the best part about my Car. I Know where my Car is 24-7 even if my Girlfriend or one of my hommies are driving. The best part is no one but me know it is on there, i can easily see where my girlfriend drives and how long she is there, so if she is lying to me, I know right away. If one of my Hommies is driving and trying to show off for someone or speeding too fast, my GPS Tracking device notifies me instantly of a speed violation. I feel much better knowing that if  someone tries to steal my car and my alarm goes off, I am notified right away on my Smart phone of the alarm violation, not like alarms I have had in the past where there is a half mile or so range, I can get notifications while I am out of town Hundreds of miles away and can start my car from that distance as well. GPS Tracking and The Smart Start System have been the best investment I could have Made. Thank you Track Yo Ride."

Darrel 86 Monte Carlo, CA

"I have several nice cars that I have worked Hard to own. I want to feel Comfortable Knowing that if one of my vehicle's is ever stolen that I can recover it myself and I don't have to involve the police. We just don't get along too well. I had Track Yo Ride install Real-Time GPS Tracking Devices on all my vehicles so in the even anything like that does happen I am Guaranteed to know where my vehicle is. I also have 2 teenage kid's, so now with GPS Tracking devices from Track Yo Ride, I am able to see everwhere they go and if they are driving safe or not. I am able to set zones aroung the school, so if one of them leaves early I am notified on my phone and email right away, same with if they speed too fast, I am notified right away. When I took my son's car away while on punishment for grades, I was able to set the alarm from my phone, making it so he could not get in and the car stayed at home even while I was at work. I feel like I have full control of all my vehicles like never before. Thanks again Track Yo Ride for all your help."

Shawn , Nashville, TN

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